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Massage in Bangalore:

Myofascial release

This is sweet massaging therapy in which the muscle will be covered with facial – it provides strength and support for the muscles as well as maintain body posture. After work, your body will experience amazing postural improvements as well as eminent relaxation of cramped muscle groups.

Myofascial release is effectively therapeutic in the relieve of neurological dysfunction, scoliosis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, restriction of motion, headaches, back pain and cervical pain.

Sports massage

This is the type of massage that fitness enthusiasts and athletes usually get involved with- it is much more vigorous than other kinds of massage. Some people also say it is more effective and probably guarantees quicker results.

Sports massage achieves multiple results like building up muscle tissue, assists in training, aids in healing of injury or soreness, prevent injury etc. You can engage in sports massage before and after the exercise. You can also engage in sports massage when you contact sports’ injuries like tendonitis, strains or sprains.

Sports massage perfectly enhances athletic recovery and performance; sports massage is divided into three segments namely pre-event, post-event and injury treatment. Each of them has great importance to the athlete. If an athlete sustains an injury, sports massage will help him or her to enhance and speed up the healing process.


This is another form of lucrative energy work; people engage in Reiki to restore mental calmness or body’s recuperative process. This form of massage is highly recommended for people suffering from mood disorders or anxiety and cancer patients. It will comfortably relax their mindset.


This is the art of massaging all the major organs of your body, such as feet and hands- the goal is to promote the healthy function of your body.

Lymphatic massage

This is a very gentle, light and repetitive stroke, which is aimed at stimulating all the activities of your lymphatic system. Through lymphatic massage, you can comfortably minimize swelling of your body resulting from post-surgery or injury.

Body to Body massage:

This consist of two body. One is male body and another one is female body. This is kind of female to male body massage. Rubbing one body with another body is called body to body massage.


This is the art of restructuring your body system so that it can return to normalcy and align with your body posture. The main focus in Rolfing massage is the torso, arms, legs, hands etc.

Pregnancy massage

This is exclusively designed to decrease swelling and tension and enhance circulation for pregnant women or those that recently give birth. Pregnancy massage helps such women to remain on track and live healthier lives.

Neuromuscular therapy

This effectively balances your central nervous body system- neuromuscular therapy is exceedingly helpful to individuals that suffer biomechanical dysfunction and distortion. It also helps in releasing hyper contraction in the tissue and spasms restore postural alignment, flexibility to the tissue, proper biomechanics, and assists lymphatic and venous flow.


The advantages of getting a massage therapy can never be overemphasised; it will help your body to stay healthy, alive and active at all times. Each of the massage therapies discussed in this article has their own unique benefits.

Some of the health benefits of massage therapies are; they can relax your muscle tissue, increase joint space, improve circulation of blood, and aid in waste removals. Massage is an effective treatment that can aid you in reducing muscle tension, pain, digestive disorders, anxiety and stress.

There are ongoing researches in different quarters which showcase more benefits of getting a massage therapy from seasoned masseuse. If you need a moment of relaxation, or relief from chronic pain, then getting a therapeutic massage may be the solution- it will quickly improve your physical and emotional well-being!